Jsfiddle with dojo

I am trying to use https://jsfiddle.net/ to test and reproduce issues with dojo. The url they are trying to load dojo from is:


When starting to open a ticket with them, I found the following:

Library update request

  • Be sure your library (in the correct version) exists on cdnjs.org

Looking at at cdnjs.org, the most recent version listed is 1.10.4

Can more recent versions (including 1.10.9) be uploaded there so jsfiddle is an option?

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This is still an issue. Can some help get cdnjs.org updated? I would think dojo2 should also be added so people can play with it…

Or what other “playgrounds” do people suggest?

Hi schallm,

My apologise if I did not understand you, but in https://dojotoolkit.org/download/ presents the last version in cnd in googleapis you can use

For Dojo 2 and newer, we recommend CodeSandbox as it offers TS transpilation on the fly, https://codesandbox.io/search?refinementList[template][0]=@dojo/cli-create-app has examples created with CodeSandbox.

Getting cdnjs updated has been a major black hole for us unfortunately.

I’ll checkout https://codesandbox.io… Another option that seems nice is https://stackblitz.com/. It doesn’t have a dojo template, but I love that it uses vs code’s editor.

Code Sandbox also uses Monaco (the editor part of VS code)… would be cool if someone wanted to create a similar template but I’m not sure Stack Blitz quite has the same level of tooling features.