Can we expect some improvement of documentation

I have tried to use @dojo/framework/request according to
const foo = request("/export/foo",{}).then(response =>response.json());
It causes:
errors: ./node_modules/@dojo/framework/core/request.mjs Module build failed: Error: Line 40: Unexpected token ( at ErrorHandler.constructError

I have tried to use @dojo/framework/on following docs at
import {on} from '@dojo/framework/core/on';
[...]/node_modules/@dojo/framework/core/on"' has no exported member 'on'.

I am really afraid that Dojo2+ is not ready for use yet. Sorry for my a bit frustrated words, but I am a bit frustrated… :slight_smile:

Hi @Radouch, thanks for your post. Sorry to hear you’ve been having problems with the request and on modules. We are always looking to improve our documentation and guidance for developers, so thanks for bringing this to our attention. It could be tricky deduce exactly what’s going on in your development environment, so what I’ve created a minimal reproduction of how to use request using CodeSandbox which you can find here: . If you need help with the on module also let me know.

It would be good to have versioning on the documentation and the sandbox so users can be sure the two are in sync.

See Elasticsearch for a good example:

BTW, the tutorial at seems wrong in this way. If you create your first application with the cli, it doesn’t have the biz e bodies demo that is referenced in the tutorial. That’s why I make this suggestion.