DateTextBox gives out of range error with a partial valid date


When you have a dateTextBox with min and/or max constraints on it, you can get an out of range indicator while you’re typing a valid date. For example if you have a dateTextBox with a valid range of 3/21/2018 to 3/31/2018 and you type 3/25/20 you will get an out of range message. I would expect this to see that adding 18 would make this a valid value, and not show the indicator until the control lost focus.

I’ve created an example on Plunker (but I don’t appear to be able to include a link for it for some reason), that has the current dijit dateTextBox, and my attempt at updating the intermediate validation. Before I try to figure out how to submit a pull request I wanted to check if this is an issue and something that should be updated, or if the way it’s working now is how it should be working.




I’d say please open an issue on GitHub (we’ve recently enabled issues there), and include the link to your example. It sounds like it’s not waiting for a blur event to do the validation, so we’re happy to consider a PR as well.