stackedColumnsPlot type of chart - vertical axis chart values/overlap

I am trying rendering chart of type, where labels are shown and labelStyle is “inside”. When the chart is rendered, the vertical y axis plot’s values, when they have same values, overlap, please see the attached screenshot.

following are the series values:

“identifier”: “version_name”,
“items”: [
{“version_id”: 497,“version_name”: “”,“OSVC_Instance_Count”: 1,“Fusion_Instance_Count”: 0},
{“version_id”: 665,“version_name”: “”,“OSVC_Instance_Count”: 1,“Fusion_Instance_Count”: 0},

Following is charting code:

                instances_in_versions_chart.addPlot(“stackedColumnsPlot”, {
                    type: StackedColumns,
                    lines: true,
                    areas: true,
                    markers: true,
                    gap: 5,
                    labels: true,
                    labelStyle: “inside”,
                    tension: “S”

                instances_in_versions_chart.addAxis("x", {
                    majorTicks: true,
                    majorTickStep: 1,
                    minorTicks: true,
                    minorTicksStep: 2,
                    rotation: -30,
                    includeZero: true,
                    fixLower: "major",
                    fixUpper: "major",
                    labels: array_x_axis_label_names

                instances_in_versions_chart.addAxis("y", {
                    vertical: true,
                    min: 0,
                    fixLower: "major",
                    fixUpper: "major",
                    max: y_axis_max_value

Chart seen as:

Issue - The value 0 and 1 are overlapping on each bar.

Any chance you could create a JS Fiddle for this, as it’s difficult to debug with just the partial example? gives the gist on how to create a Dojo test case on JSFiddle.