Module parse failed

I get the following error:

Module parse failed: Unexpected token (1:7) You may need an appropriate loader to handle this file type. | export interface StatesInterface { | geoCodeAlpha2: string; | geoId: string; @ ./src/main.ts 9:0-57 @ multi @dojo/webpack-contrib/build-time-render/hasBuildTimeRender ./src/main. css ./src/main.ts

Here is my main.js:

import renderer from '@dojo/framework/widget-core/vdom';

import Registry from ‘@dojo/framework/widget-core/Registry’;
import { w } from ‘@dojo/framework/widget-core/d’;
import { registerRouterInjector } from ‘@dojo/framework/routing/RouterInjector’;
import { registerThemeInjector } from ‘@dojo/framework/widget-core/mixins/Themed’;
import dojo from ‘@dojo/themes/dojo’;
import ‘@dojo/themes/dojo/index.css’;

import ApplicationContext from ‘./ApplicationContext’;
import {StatesInterface, USStatesData} from ‘…/…/common/USStatesData’;
import routes from ‘./routes’;
import App from ‘./App’;

const registry = new Registry();
registerRouterInjector(routes, registry);
registerThemeInjector(dojo, registry);

registry.defineInjector(‘app-state’, (invalidator) => {
const applicationContext = new ApplicationContext(invalidator, USStatesData);
return () => applicationContext;

const r = renderer(() => w(App, {}));
r.mount({ registry });

and my USStatesData.js:

export interface StatesInterface {
geoCodeAlpha2: string;
geoId: string;
geoName: string;


let statesList: StatesInterface [] =

{ geoCodeAlpha2:“AK”, geoId:“USA_AK”, geoName:“Alaska”},
{ geoCodeAlpha2:“AL”, geoId:“USA_AL”, geoName:“Alabama”},

{ geoCodeAlpha2:“WY”, geoId:“USA_WY”, geoName:“Wyoming”}


export const USStatesData = statesList;

Can anyone spot what might be wrong?