Issue in DropDown Button

We are using Dojo version 1.10.0 for our product. DropDown button is working fine with Mozilla version(56.0) but it is not working with Mozilla version(60.6.1 esr ).

For reference I attach an screenshot of Mozilla version(60.6.1 esr ).

i don’t know much about dojo yet, as i’m just getting started, but could you maybe use the debugger to see what line of code the error points to?
As i find the code of dojo is written very clearly it might be quite easy to address the issue.
Or is it just a displaying “thing”?
Screenshot is a bit confusing for me.
I’m trying to help you out once i really understand your problem :slight_smile:

And maybe set up an example page where i or anybody else could try out the code?

Didn’t recognize it was 5 months ago. lol