Is this document still relevant?

Is this migration documentation still relevant?

I’m already doing most of the stuff discussed in that document in my 1.x applications, so I was feeling pretty good about my ability to migrate them to 2.0.

Now I’m digging into the Dojo 2 tutorials (, and what I’ve seen so far bears almost no resemblance to the migration document above.

Is the migration document above obsolete?


Sorry, that document is out of date. As you’ve noticed in the dojo 2 tutorials, dojo 2 uses TypeScript instead of JavaScript with AMD. That tutorial is more accurate to migrating from dojo 1 to 1.7.

I have not seen a migration guide for 1 to 2 yet.

Okay, thanks David. My impression is that things have changed so much that a migration guide wouldn’t be practical. It doesn’t appear that I’ll be able to port existing apps, so I’m just making a decision on what to adopt for future apps. The fact that dojo has adopted an LTS strategy on 1.x releases helps.

That’s correct. dojo2 is written in TypeScript so you would need to rewrite everything to migrate. That said, I believe that dojo2 and dojo1 can live in the same application should the need arise.