Is building time long?

Hi all, I’m planning to move my Coffee+Dojo1 project to TS+Dojo2, and started to learn lots of new things :slight_smile:

I’m working on simple codes and make many small changes then bulid. But building time is just long, helloworld example also takes more time than my whole coffee project. Is it normal?

Here is building output that you can check.

Thank you!

…$date +%s;dojo build -m dev;date +%s
Invalid response from npm search

:information_source: cli-build-app: 1.0.0
:information_source: typescript: 2.6.2
:heavy_check_mark: hash: 93314e7b5982540f2c23
:heavy_multiplication_x: errors: 0
:warning: warnings: 0

main runtime
2ho78oCW.svg (10.98kb) / (3.89kb gz) main.css (3.07kb) / (1.54kb gz) manifest.json (0.11kb) / (0.08kb gz)
index.html (0.35kb) / (0.23kb gz) main.js (648.08kb) / (145.59kb gz) runtime.js (14.06kb) / (4.76kb gz)
output at: file:////home/ali/works/dev/dojo2test/first/output/dev

The build completed successfully.


I’ve not noticed builds taking particularly long. For what it’s worth, TypeScript 3 has made a number of improvements to build times for large projects, though I’m not certain that will have much of an impact here.

If you join us on Discord ( ), perhaps we can provide some help in a more real-time manner?