How is Dojo 2+ trending?


Is it still too early to tell? Does 2+ have buy-ins from companies that are too big to let 2+ fail? Are there any metrics available?


It seems to be a Site Pen project only. Dojo Toolkit 1 was strongly backed by quite a big development team from IBM which also attracted many other programmers. So to speak, Dojo Toolkit 1 was (inoffically?) IBM’s JavaScript framework - like YUI was for Yahoo. But as far as I can see, IBM has completely dropped out of the project.


Thanks for the info. It sounds right.

Can’t say that I am surprised. Dojo has always been ahead of its time. I wrote an app in 2008 that is still running today. I didn’t appreciate the value of Dojo then and the owners of the app still don’t. Since I have the freedom to do so, I am going to invest further in 2+ just out of trust in the folks at SitePen. I think it is a brilliant move that they have built a company around support of all forms of JS frameworks. This allows them to see in depth what is out there and provide a model to keep 2+ alive until the rest of the world catches up.

Dojo 2+ has been difficult to assimilate, but it doesn’t make sense that for decades we have remained basically the same distance away from the machine. Coding obviously must continue to abstract the target. Seems like it has been overdue.

One question that I have is whether or not 2+ is actually a React clone or is there much more to the picture than reactivity?


This answers some of my questions about whether or not Dojo 2+ is a React clone:


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