Delightful.JS is the unmentioned new Dojo!

Just a quick note for all the old developpers returning to Dojo and checking out its successor:

The original release candidate for Dojo 2, on which the IBM team had been working for quite some time until 2015, can be found here:

Someone, who can programm Dojo 1 can also programm this offically never released, but fully functional framework. It is still Dojo-like and not a React clone.

Delightful.JS is basically a rewrite of Dojo Toolkit 1 bringing new features like a command line interface, an invalidating class for widgets to optimize DOM updates etc. For module loading, class declaration, templating it uses now well known and maintained libs like Require.JS, Handelbars, DCL.

How to get it running, is explained here:
I also had to install git and bower (nowadays a solution maybe a little bit outdated, since the bower folks themselves recommand webpack).

To scaffold a new delightful application, just type “yo deliteful-app” from the command line.

Choose “n” when asked to use the build version of the delightful package (I got errors when saying “Y”. Then choose the newest “requirejs-dplugins#0.6.x”. Voliá! Run a simple HTTP server (such as Python’s SimpleHTTPServer) and point it to index.html and enjoy your running delightful app.

Documentation could be found on github in the docs folder. The project seems still to be maintained by one of the old main developpers of Dojo Toolkit, Bill Keese. Thanks, Bill and the old IBM team! Chapeau! It’s again a marvellous piece of work, although it seems to be Bill’s private hobby now!