Dojo 2 Wizard Widget: Missing?

I found this recently and was excited because (1) I had no idea a Wizard widget existed and (2) my company is in the process of moving a moderately-large, mature Dojo 1 application over to Dojo 2 and there are a few places where a Wizard widget would come in handy in the new version.

Unfortunately, after installing @dojo/widgets@7.0.4, the Wizard widget wasn’t installed along with the other widgets. Was it intentionally left out and is there a way to get hold of it separately?

I would also like to mention that the example in the link above, unlike a “real” wizard, doesn’t provide any concrete steps – for instance, one or two forms to be filled out by the user. In order to make the example more useful, I think it should be updated to include one or more concrete steps.