Using Stores for creating API client?

waves at all his old Contributor buddies (the few that are still around anyways :stuck_out_tongue: )
First off, awesome news on the 2.x release, I wish I had the bandwidth to help out through this milestone but I am happy to see it happen either way!

I am in a spot at work where writing an API client for our internal API would solve a lot of problems and I remembered that dojo 1.x had amazing Store functionality for querying and caching api responses… So I was curious what 2.x had to offer.

Sadly the new format is a bit awkward to follow (or I could just be overly tired) in the docs and I was wondering if maybe there was an example of a store for some simple public API that might pose a better resource for learning the new way of things? Essentially something that can be called and queried with in Dev Console to test out and learn from?

Again, congrats on the amazing work here and hopefully I’ll find a new use for Dojo again and can finally return to helping out my first JS project :smiley:

As noted on Gitter, we’ve opened an issue to cover this. I think there are some patterns we would still like to add on top of stores, which is something that’s on the short term roadmap as well, but I think there’s a lot of nice power in @dojo/stores. Please do ask us questions and give us feedback!