SAP iView invoking Dojo web app



We are using SAP iView to invoke a Dojo web app that we’ve created.

When using Chrome… all works fine… When using IE version 11, the following error pops up and everything else fail after which.

“Bundle not found: common in dijit , locale=en-us”

My understanding of SAP iView is that it uses iframe to call the Dojo web app. Should be nothing special on their side.

The dojo version we are using is version 1.6.5.

Any clue would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and best regards



I think older versions of Dojo struggled with cross-domain loading of internationalization bundles… options would include upgrading to something newer, or using the old build option that forced a cross-domain build.



Thanks for your response.

Found out it’s the Adobe Flash that fails which resulted the internationalization bundles to fail…

Managed to make it work now after commenting out the Adobe Flash code.

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