Is it possible to create app with more web pages?

I am probably missing some basic understanding of Dojo 2+ concept.
When a new Dojo 2+ application is created by
dojo create app --name my-app
command there is only one HTML file index.html in the src folder. All widgets are rendered on this web page (index.html).
How does Dojo “know” that it should be rendered on this page? Can I have more web pages in one application folder? It seems to me there is no reference of index.html in main.ts or anywhere.
Thank you for any explanation.

I have a similar question.

I see in the output directory that index.html includes a javascript called runtime.blahblahblah.bundle.js.

But I want to develop for an environment where different web pages have similar, but distinct javascript requirements.

Do I need to develop one monolithic app for each such page? Or is there some kind of resource sharing where I can say something like:

the whole website has features “X, Y, and Z”, but
the “Contact Us” also has feature W, and
the “Press” Page has features "W and “V”,
and so on.

I know Dojo 1 had the idea of “layers” (though I never actually managed to construct a configuration that worked properly with them).

Do I just develop an “Application” for each set of features, and then include the application bundles in a mix-and-match fashion, per page type? Do I consider each page type a unique application, and therefore recompile each, every time a common feature changes?

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