Integrating a Dojo Third Party Widget into an existing Dojo Website


I am facing trouble trying to integrate a Dojo Widget (1.14.0) to my existing Dojo website (1.10.4)

The setup:

  • The main website uses Dojo 1.10.4
  • The third party widget uses Dojo 1.14.0
  • The Dojo.js file of the third party widget comes from a Url provided by them, which means that the version could change
  • The 2 dojo.js files come from 2 different domains, but both are under a directory called dojo

My solution:
I attempted to create a custom widget where this third party code will be encapsulated. In this widget, the third party dojo is loaded during runtime and the widget should get initialized then, triggered by certain events. My reference was this page:
Unfortunately, what I get is 404 errors when the browser is trying to fetch some Dojo dependencies from the third party. This means, that the website loads normally but the widget does not.
The missing dependencies are listed in the attached image.

If there is a problem with the design of the solution or the way it is implemented, I would appreciate the feedback and guidance.