Dojo2 upgrade to dojo3

I want to migrate my dojo2 project to dojo2 and I installed this dependency dojo/cli-upgrade-app

  • @dojo/cli-upgrade-app@3.0.1-pre
    updated 1 package in 56.196s

However when I run
dojo update
Commands are not available: Error: Failed to load module X:/my-app/node_modules/@dojo/cli-upgrade-app
Nested error: Cannot find module ‘X:/my-app/node_modules/@dojo/cli-upgrade-app’

What is the best solution for this upgrade? This dependency or something else?

After installing version 3.0.0 it worked

It looks like the issue was related to a pre-release version of cli-upgrade-app. The team has been helping petro work through issues on Discord, so this has been answered there.