Releases notes for later versions (post 1.10)

It has been difficult to determine what has changed between releases of Dojo for later versions as it appears no formal release notes are no longer created. For a given release, is there a way to get a summary of changes from a previously release?

The project I work on is currently on v1.14.2, but the project started with much earlier releases years ago. Unfortunately, with the later releases, it is more challenging to assess what potential regression impacts may be due to the lack of release notes in the later Dojo 1.x releases. I would like to see what has changed from 1.14.2 and 1.14.3 and 1.15.0.

Any help appreciated.

Yes, I wish I had more time to dedicate to that, but unfortunately I do not currently. In general your best option at the moment is to look at the commits or diffs between the tagged releases which you can do via github. has details on how to do this in a general way, but let me know if you get stuck or run into any issues.

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There does not appear to be specific tags for 1.14.x releases and 1.15.0 release when trying the compare capability on github: Are there specific commits associated with specific releases I can base a comparison on?

This is weird, because they are clearly tagged,

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Wonder if a bug in github since the Compare utility does not show all the tags. I tried to manually enter the the 1.14.3 tag, but it says, “nothing to show”. So, I grabbed the commit hash for 1.14.3 tag and the commit hash for 1.15.0 hash and enters those in directly. Looks like that works:

Changes from 1.14.3 to 1.15.0

CORRECTION: It does appear I can manually enter in the tag labels even if they are not listed in the drop-down menu. Definitely easier than having to grab the commit hashes.