Dojo 2+: I don't like it anymore


I was a big fan of the Dojo Toolkit 1 framework, and I used it quite in some projects.

Now I tried out Dojo 2+ and I have to say: I don’t like it anymore. Most I dislike is, that there is no way to declaratively create widgets anymore. I really don’t want to create forms programmatically only, see . No, I don’t.

What really happend to the project? I cannot see any IBM guys hanging around here anymore. Dojo 2+ seems to be just some kind of React clone, the new main stream jQuery, and I cannot see any continuation of old well proven patterns. Why is Dojo 2 still called Dojo? Dojo was always a well thought alternative to the main stream, which it isn’t anymore. Do we really need a virtual DOM? Isn’t a statefull container just a programming pattern we could easily emulate with a central memory store in Dojo 1 we oberseve and by adhering to a unidirectional pattern? Haven’t Dojo 1 widgets always been reactive in some kind by mapping a class property directly to a DOM node? I really don’t like the main stream buzz wording in Dojo 2. It misses a clear description and understanding of the fundamental problems, and a profound discussion of solutions and trade offs in the context of usage: For whom in what circumstances is this a problem? And why?.

Has Dojo been completely taken over by Site Pen now without informing the community of important changes on the main players / maintainers behind the scenes? I haven’t seen any blog post on that! Please elaborate on this and don’t fool the community by silent business agreements on money making. What has exactly happend and why? I really dont’t like intransparencies.