Closure compiler strict errors

I’m using Dojo 1.16.0.

The Dojo build system is giving me INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR on my ES6 code. I figure this might be due to a buggy version of the Closure compiler shipped with Dojo, so I downloaded the latest version of the Closure compiler and I now get a bunch of errors in the dojo code itself.

It complains about dojo code not compiling in strict mode, even though I haven’t set strict mode.

Specifically, here’s the relevant part of my build profile:

layerOptimize: 'closure',
optimize: 'closure',

optimizeOptions: {
    languageIn: 'ECMASCRIPT6',
    languageOut: 'ECMASCRIPT5'

Note that the input language is ECMASCRIPT6 not ECMASCRIPT6_STRICT

Is there an easy way to get the latest version of the closure compiler to work?

Hi @yassam, I’ve opened an issue at . We’ll look into this as soon as possible.

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Hi @yassam, it’s been a while, but we have landed a change in Dojo that we believe fixes your issue. If you could test that would be amazing. Please see for the change.